September 22, 2017
26 days since
our celebration.
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Custom Logo by "Letters by Brit"
​Dear Family,                                                                                                                                                    
Welcome to La Familia's Reunion Website!  This website is filled with a lot of infomation and planned activities.  We do hope you will take time to check it all out and sign up for some fun!!
The plan for the family reunion, is to hold a 2 day event on Sept 22 and Sept 23 2017, in Melbourne, Florida. 
We all know that our tree is larger than just a few names so we have entitled it La Familia’s Reunion.  All family members and ALL generations are invited to attend.  We have tried to put together an event that we hope you all will enjoy full of fun, laughter and good times. 
Please don’t miss out, because we really want you to be a part of this celebration!  I know there have been a lot of ups and downs, and hurtful moments amongst some family members, but I beg you ALL to put those things aside and come together and be a part of this event.  Our family continues to lose precious lives as the years go on and who knows when we will be able to come together again. 
Family members are encouraged to participate in both days as we will have different activities for each day.  We will also be taking a group photo both on the evening of the dinner and another group photo again with our reunion t-shirts on at the park the next day!
The events will be held at two locations.  The first being an elegant Buffet Dinner at the Crowne Plaza on Friday Sept 22nd.  The second being a Family Fun Day picnic at Wickham Park on Saturday Sept 23rd.  Details can be found on the Details of Events tab.
Our host hotel is the Crowne Plaza Melbourne Oceanfront.   We can negotiate a discounted group rate at the hotel if people are interested.  If you are, please let Karen know ASAP so she can get a count of rooms needed. 
We have a lot planned and want to make this very special, so we have come up with a reunion registration fee per person to cover the cost of at least the food.  To ensure that we meet our scheduled financial obligations, it is imperative that we receive timely registration fees and ask that all tickets be purchased no later than August 11, 2017 if not sooner.  You will be fully refunded if something comes up and you cannot make so please get them early if possible.
We have a lot of family and don’t have everyone’s contact information so PLEASE help us by sharing this information with others.  Make sure those that live within and outside of your home are aware and RSVP.

As changes or additional details are made, they will be posted to our website, social media networking sites and emailed.

If you want to make sure to get the updates, please make sure we have all of your contact information.  There is an option to provide that on the website as well.
The planning team has worked extremely hard to ensure that this weekend proves to be a memorable experience.  For any additional information, please feel free to contact either Karen Marshall (904) 982-8670 ( ) or Willie Gonzalez at (321) 298- 3299 ( )
We really look forward to this special occasion with you all and hope you all make every effort to be there.
With much love,
Karen and Willie
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